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Transistor converters

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Division № 15 of Institute of Electrodynamics of NAS of Ukraine
Institute of Electrodynamics

         Institute of electrodynamics took in Ukraine a leading role in the development of electricity and elektrotechniks.
         Scientific direction of division № 15 of transistor converters – development of the theory and the creation of highly reliable means of transformation and stabilization of the parameters of electromagnetic energy with special characteristics.

         The main scientific task of department:

  • development of the theory and constructing principles of a high-frequency transistor converters for technological equipment;
  • research and development of energy-efficient high-frequency transistor converters for processing plants induction heating;
  • research and development of highly reliable power systems for onboard manufacturing plants which intended for use in outer space;
  • development and research of electromagnetic processes in the transistor converters with sectioning structure, based on consistent and parallel connection components and modules;
  • development of modern methods to ensure the electromagnetic compatibility of high-frequence transistor converters of voltage with a network of power supply and with the consumer.

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